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We are reducing our à la carte – here is the new menu

We are reducing our à la carte – here is the new menu

We will reduce our à la carte list slightly for the duration of the restaurant restrictions. However, there are many of our favorite delicacies on the list.

Welcome to taste!



Tomato Soup & Västerbåtten (L) 9,50
Smoky sour cream, Västerbåtten crumbs, pine nuts, deep-fried sage and focaccia

Salmon (L) 10,50
Surface-fried salmon, archipelago bread and pistachio crumbs and yuzu mayonnaise



Goat cheese or corn-fed chicken salad (L) 19,00
Salad, half-dried tomatoes, cucumber, olives, marinated red onions, pine
nuts, kale, vinaigrette and focaccia. Choose corn-fed chicken or goat cheese.

Iberico (L, G) 21,00
Pulled Iberico pork, apple syrup, pistachio crumbs and smoked celery purée

Corn-fed chicken (L, G) 19,00
Corn-fed chicken breast, risotto, pistachio crumbs, wine sauce and parmesan

Pepper steak 180 g (L, G) 31,00
Beef tenderloin, pepper cream sauce and potato crispers

Broiled salmon (L, G) 22,00
Broiled salmon, aioli ja smoked celery purée

Special burger 19,00
Brioche bread, fried hamburger patty 200 g, Monterey Jack cheese,
pepper crème, bacon jam, vegetables and potato crispers



Financier (L, G) 9,50
Dark financier almond cake, coffee amaretto crème, pepper syrup,
pistachio and crocant crumbs

Blueberry and white chocolate (G) 8,50
Blueberry pannacotta, white chocolate namelaka and white chocolate biscuit